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When it comes to storage solutions, Port Shipping Containers lead the way in ingenuity and versatility. We have a large range of new and used containers available to purchase which are ready for delivery Australia wide.

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For those requiring a temporary storage alternative, we also offer a
range of shipping containers for hire, with long and short term contracts.
Keep your contents safe and secure for less then a cup of coffee a day!

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Types Of Shipping Containers In Australia

Giving the customers the right solution for their needs at a competitive price is what makes our container company stand out from the rest. The vast selection of Shipping Containers cater to all your requirements:

  • Standard Containers – general purposes containers, high-cubes and also side opening containers.
  • Specialized Containers – come in the forms of Flat Rack, Open Top, Insulated and Refrigerated.
  • Modified Containers – are used as site offices, for dangerous goods, for workshop shipping, as accommodation units, ablution blocks, for simulation training, as lunch room shipping, as change rooms, as first aid rooms, for container shelters, for explosive magazines and as portable buildings.

Buy Shipping Containers For Sale Directly From Us

Whether through direct sale, or through hire, directly get shipping containers from a trusted company. We at Port Shipping Containers offer high quality shipping containers in Australia at competitive prices.

The advantage of buying shipping containers in Australia straight from us is that you would save the most, and guaranteed satisfaction of high quality products that can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

Sizes of Shipping Containers For Sale

We have many different shipping containers sizes available. You can choose from 10’ shipping containers, 20' shipping containers and 40' shipping containers.

Uses of Shipping Containers In Australia

Shipping crates and moving containers carry all the world’s goods for trade. Now there is a wide range of uses for shipping containers as offices and for public and private use. Our shipping containers for sale meet a range of requirements for todays market.

The Port Shipping Containers modifications team has designed a range of innovative products and accessories that add additional functionality to your storage needs. Our engineers are able to design the perfect solution to your storage problem, and can custom-build a container to your specifications. We supply the following products and services:

Storage and transportation made easy

Port Shipping Containers provide our high-quality new and used products when and where you need them at highly competitive rates. Because people originally designed these containers for shipping, they are hard to beat for strength, durability and versatility when used for residential or commercial storage and transport.

The reliability of our service and the quality of our product mean our clients include councils, the Defence Force, government departments, and the general public. When it comes to keeping your goods safe, we really are your One Stop Shop.

For more information on our sale and hire options, or to find out more about the cost of shipping containers, call us on 1300 981 896.

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