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Port Shipping Containers also functions as a specialist international moving company. At PCS Overseas Shipping Services, we pride ourselves on giving you a sturdy, secure shipping solution and providing the best customer service, efficiency and reliability in a moving service.

If you are moving to or away from Australia – whether permanently or temporarily – we give you comprehensive moving, shipping, airfreight and related relocation services according to the highest international moving standards.

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Shipping Containers
Port Shipping Containers have a large range of general purpose shipping containers ready for delivery

New & Used Shipping Containers

The majority of your personal belongings can be moved to Australia without significant problems or delay. However there are specific regulations unique to Australia that must be adhered to. All goods entering Australia will be subject to Customs and Quarantine clearance. If you are sending items that are of interest to Customs and Quarantine then this may effects the time taken to process your move.

If you are sending items which have been "owner packed" then they are likely to attract more stringent inspection by Customs and Quarantine on arrival in Australia. Providing a detailed carton by carton inventory assist Customs and Quarantine in inspecting your effects and may unnecessary avoid delays.

Our 10' shipping containers, 20' shipping containers and 40' shipping containers feature:

  • High quality solid steel structural components
  • Timber flooring
  • Standard double doors that open to a full 270°
  • New & used shipping containers available with fast delivery
  • Security lock box available on request

Optional accessories include:

  • Fully painted inside and out - large range of colours
  • Whirlybirds
  • Air vents
  • Additional doors
  • Container ramps
  • Heavy duty shelving
General Purpose Shipping Container on Delivery Truck

Shipping Container Hire

We also offer long and short term shipping container hire options for those not looking to purchase a container outright. Our container hire options are priced at a competitive rate. A brochure and price guide can be emailed to you by filling out the shipping container hire quote form.

Shipping Container Sizes (10', 20' and 40' shipping containers)

Other Shipping Container Products include:

Standard Shipping Containers:
Specialised Shipping Containers:
Modified Shipping Containers:

For more information on our shipping container products, click on the above links. Alternatively, call one of our sales team on 1300 981 896 or fill in our Instant Online Quote for a brochure and price guide.