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If you are looking to move house interstate then Port Shipping Containers can help you with your removalist needs. You can hire one of our moving container which we can deliver to your door, anywhere in Australia. You fill it at your own leisure, then we collect your moving container and transport it to your new destination. Take as long as you need to empty your moving container as we can pick it up anytime.

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Container Sizes

Our range of trucks are able to transport your moving container, whether it is a 10', 20' or 40' unit. Please request a quote for more information if you would like us to quote on transporting a shipping container for you.


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Transport Guide

Please read the below information before we organise your container transport. Port Shipping Containers have certain access requirements for your container to be delivered successfully. Our container transporters need:

Reasonable access
This would be solid ground condition, not too sandy or clay, that would or could cause the truck to get bogged. Not excessively overgrown with trees and shrubs (customers say that “it is ok, the container will push the branches out of the way”, with no regard for the truck panel & paint, mirrors, aerials etc. that suffers damage on the way).
Minimum 1 metre clearance from power-lines at all times, when driving or loading on / off
Brick paved or concreted driveways, kerbings or lawned areas, need to be realistic about marks / damage done whilst accessing, loading, unloading or egressing site

Sufficient room for the truck to drop the container off
#1. 6m Tilt Tray Transporter - min. 3m W x 5m H x length of container + 15m forward of container
#2. 12m Tilt Tray Transporter - min. 3.5m W x 5m H x length of container + 25-30 m forward of container
#3. Semi side-loader Transporter - min. 3.5m W x 5m H + 25m forward of truck

How far a Side Loader can drop a container (away from the tray) and at what weight, and height
1-1.5m away from truck, up to 24T, can load up to 1.6m H

If there is anything else you believe will assist us in delivering your container please tell us.
i.e. door direction, time required on-site, traffic management issues, securing contents and correctly packing the container.

Sideloader Requirements
Height Clearance MIN entrance height 4.6m MIN height at unload site 4.9m Clients must be aware we will not drive though overhanging trees or branches.
Placement Sideloader offloads to driver’s side MAX distance 300mm from truck Door direction of container must be designated before departure. Additional cost including travel to a suitable sized area to switch direction will be additional to any quoted price.
Sideloader weighs in excess of 21 ton without container surface must be concrete or compacted ground. Surface must be flat.
Clients will be liable for all recovery costs if vehicle is bogged.
Driveways Long winding driveways can only be accessed if trucks can turn around before departure.

6 Mtr tilt tray requirements
20.0 Mtrs clear area for the length
3.5 Mtrs clear entry for the width
4.2 Mtrs overhead clearance to get thu roller doors
5.0 Mtrs overhead clearance to unload/load inside building

12 Mtr tilt tray requirements
40.0 Mtrs clear area for the length
3.5 Mtrs clear entry for the width
4.5 Mtrs to get thru roller doors
6.0 Mtrs overhead clearance to unload/load inside building

Hi-ab requirements
Truck only                                                                                                            
10.0 Mtrs clear area for the length                                     
3.5 Mtrs clear entry for the width                                                                       
4.5 Mtrs overhead clearance to get thru roller doors                               
10.0 Mtrs overhead clearance to unload/load inside building                       
The hi-ab can drop a container - 2.2 Tonne @ 11.9 Mtrs

Truck & trailer requirements
18.0 Mtrs clear area for the length
3.5 Mtrs clear entry for the width                                                                      
4.5 Mtrs overhead clearance to get thru roller doors                               
10.0 Mtrs overhead clearance to unload/load inside building

Ground should always be firm
Grassed areas need to be dry
Unloading/loading should be up or down a slope not across

We understand these are the ideal conditions & hope this gives you a guide.


Our Shipping Container Products include:

Standard Shipping Containers:
Specialised Shipping Containers:
Modified Shipping Containers:

For more information on our shipping container products, click on the above links. Alternatively, call one of our sales team on 1300 981 896 or fill in our Instant Online Quote for a brochure and price guide.