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Port Shipping Containers have a dedicated container engineering team that design and construct modified shipping containers such as site offices, dangerous goods containers, portable workshops and more (see our container modifictions page). We also have the ability to design shipping container products designed to a clients requirements. Below you can see some of the special projects that Port Shipping Containers' modification team have developed.

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Three Phase Testing Workshop

Rolling Door and mesh partitionThis modified shipping container was designed as a portable 3 phase testing workshop for mine sites in remote areas.
This wind and water tight 20' shipping container was designed with side access through a personnel door which leads into a confined workshop area which houses a heavy duty workbench and lockable cable access hatch for field testing.
There is also an inner wall partition that is constructed from 25mm x 25mm x 3mm galvanised steel meshing. It also has an internal sliding mesh door that is also lockable that leads into the main storage area of the shipping container. The container was painted in a high gloss exterior finish with a white interior also.
Signage was also installed on the external walls with cast vinyl to promote clients company branding.

Container Cage - Special Project
Modified shipping container with secure workshop partition

Gantry Container

Container with Gantry SystemThis 20' shipping container was built to store heavy cargo. A heavy duty gantry system was installed to make loading the container fast and easy. A steel C-channel rail was welded to the roof of the container with supporting cross beams to reinforce the rail.
A removable extension rail at the front of the container was also installed and painted a Hi-Vis safety yellow.
The double container doors at the front of the shipping container were also modified to allow for the extension rail to stay attached while the container doors were closed.
The heavy duty block and tackle is rated to lift up to 500kg at a time and easily slides down the length of the container, and can be quickle dismantled for transport when needed. This container is perfect for mine sites or manufacturing companies storing heavy equipment.

Container Cage - Special Project
A gantry system allows you to lift heavy equipment into your shipping container

Inventory Management Container

Rolling Door and mesh partitionThe Inventory Management Container was built for a company that supplies remote mining sites and resource industries with there products. This modified shipping container allows there clients on-demand access to there products on-site without the need for ordering on a daily basis.
The Inventory Management Container ws built from a 20' shipping container and features heavy duty 3 tier shelving for product storage and 3 tier wall hooks that run down the length of the container on both sides for arranging chains, rope and power cords.
Custom grip flooring was required, painted in three colours to section the container, and custom signage was installed detailing the use of there products and restocking information.
Whirlybirds where also fitted to circulate airflow through the container and reduce temperature in the container when the doors are closed.

Container Cage - Special Project
Specialty flooring and wall mounted hooks are a key feature in this modified shipping container

Restaurant Container Bar

Shipping Container BarThis project has to be one of the most unique container modifications that we have designed and constructed for a client. The Depot has two Newcastle restaurants in which an industrial theme was applied.
Port Shipping Containers was contracted to design and construct a series of heavy duty bar counters which consist of the lower half of a shipping container and black marble bench tops.
The 'Container Bars' conveyed an authentic industrial feel with matt black finish and chrome door rods that are welded shut. The inside of the 'container bars' were fitted with refrigeration units and storage shelves.
The Container Bars heavy duty construction easily supports the large expresso machine and cash register.
The shipping container bar in both Newcastle Depot restaurants is a key feature that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional too.

Custom built shipping container bar
The 'Container Bar' is a large heavy duty counter made from the lower section of a shipping container

Open Air Segregation Container

Rolling Door and mesh partitionThis modified 20' shipping container was built to store a variety of specialised chemicals and gas bottles. We were able to remove two sides of the container and add a series of mesh doors and partitions, while keeping the strength and integrity of the shipping container.
Air flow is maximised through the mesh doors at the front of the container and as series of lower open vents at the rear of the container. Additional Whirly birds where also installed.
The mesh doors can also be locked for security during storage and transport.
The shipping Container was painted yellow for high visability, while the interior was painted red and blue and grey in the three segregations of the container for management purposes.
This container was built to the clients specifications and within Australian standards. Safety signage was also installed upon completion.

Container Cage - Special Project
The mesh doors on this container allows maximum air circulation through the shipping container

Insulated Hazardous Materials Cooling Unit

Hazardous Materials Storage ContainerThis dangerous goods container was modified to store hazardous materials, such as fertilizers and chlorine powder, in a controlled temperature.
This 20' unit was designed with side opening bi-fold doors for easy access.
It has a bunded floor that can hold over 2,500Lt for spillage, and has a bund release valve. The total capacity of the Hazardous Storage Container reaches 10,000Lt's.
Two sets of double fluorescent lights are fixed to the roof of the hazardous goods unit that are controlled by an internal switch.
The container was fitted with large vents and the walls were lined with insulated panelling to keep the temperature cool when the container is not powered.
The unit is cooled by a 7kw split system air conditioner and has numerous power outlets installed on the back wall of the container.

Insulated hazardous goods storage
An insulated container with side opening doors, bunded floor and air conditioning unit